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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Check out this Texas A&M yell leader Ken doll

Creepy or not?

Just what the world needed, another piece of Texas A&M memorabilia.

Die-hard Aggie fans (let’s be honest, is there any other kind?) don’t have to wait until football season starts to be close to yell leaders anymore thanks to BarbieCollector.com’s Texas A&M University Ken Doll.

With just the right amount of creepy and collegiate, the A&M Ken Doll rings up at $24.95 and comes wearing the yell leader’s signature white jumpsuit and maroon shoes.

The site currently has the two versions of the doll on back-order but estimates availability on June 20.

Gig ‘em.

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Collin Gouldin, verified:

"Rally round, Aggies! Ken® doll joins the Texas A&M cheer squad in a white jumpsuit and red athletic shoes with articulated arms ready to basket toss or build a pyramid. “We're gonna beat you all to Chigaroogarem, rough, tough, real stuff, Texas A&M!”" When's the last time you saw a A&M pyramid?...

6 hours, 52 minutes ago
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kentonself, anonymous:

Wow, a Ken® doll that is both missing genitalia AND anatomically correct!

6 hours, 24 minutes ago
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Sarah Blaskovich, staff:

Perhaps you guys saw the totally NSFW (and not in good taste) photos of poor Ken doll posted to tigerdroppings.com.

4 hours, 27 minutes ago
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