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Todd Maternowski

Wolf of the North


Todd Maternowski, Pegasus News' official "Wolf of the North," maintains the most accurate and comprehensive music calendar in the known world, runs the business tab, contributes to sports, writes the Thursday Morning Cupcheck and NFL Picks, while chipping in with the occasional music, film, or ghost hunting review. Mr. Maternowski is currently raising a two-year old diva, just finished his first novel, EXMORTUS, and writes occultic conspiracy short stories in his spare time.

Latest comments...

UPDATEDX2: Escaped Dallas County Jail inmate caught at a Dallas hospital

BTW - they found him. Saw it on the early news this morning. Doesn't that deserve a further update

Frisco man says neighbor assaulted him because he was gay

Hokanson sounds intelligent and level-headed to me.... I'd like to know what statements the detecti

No game: Dallas has the second lowest amount of sex in the U.S.

It's because we're all so freakin' BUSY, or worn completely out afterwards! (but then I can only sp

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