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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vote: Where can you find the best buffalo wings in Dallas?

Just in time for the NFL Draft.

Wings from Pluckers

Wings from Pluckers

The NFL Draft is almost upon us, which is like Christmas for NFL nerds. (Dear Cowboys: Please fix the o-line. Sincerely, me.) In talking about the draft with my work cohorts, the conversation — as many discussions in our office tend to do — turned to food. Specifically, football food.

Is there a more perfect football food that the chicken wing? Like watching football, chowing down on chicken wings is an investment of time and energy, and they usually leave you wanting more. So we concocted this whole plan to do a detailed mock draft of chicken wings in Dallas. Then we realized that a) only we would find that amusing, and b) we’d really rather hear what you have to say.

So tell us: Who would be your top pick in a Dallas wing draft? (Non-sports people: This means that we’re asking you what’s your favorite place to eat wings.) Vote in the poll, and let us know about your pick in the comments.

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martingermany3413, anonymous:

Sauces, in Plano and Allen

19 hours, 30 minutes ago
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martingermany3413, anonymous:

Grrr. Sauced. Darn auto-correct.

19 hours, 28 minutes ago
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jschlatter08, anonymous:

Go 4 It on NW Hwy and Plano Road

2 hours, 5 minutes ago
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