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Friday, June 14, 2013

Zombie Survival Camp gets local kids outside, battling undead

Activities teach participants how to build shelter, fish, and cook outdoors.

Photo by Kelsey Kruzich

Raegen Pluta shoots a bow and arrow. The Joe Farmer Recreation Center is holding a zombie apocalypse training camp for children this week.

— Archery expert Travis Glick is using the undead to inspire local kids with an appreciation for the outdoors.

Beginning Monday, the city of Allen kicked off its first-ever Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp, which teaches camping and survival skills to kids 8 to 15 years old at the Joe Farmer Recreation Center.

“It’s obvious that kids aren’t outside enough," said Glick, "video games are taking over and outdoors are becoming a rarity as far as things kids want to do … and I thought zombies are huge right now, so why don’t we make it an outdoor camp in order to get kids to participate in these kinds of things?”

Archery wasn't the only activity planned for the zombie-loving kids. Glick prepared several different activities and games for the camp, which also taught participants how to build shelter, fish, and cook outdoors.

“We always go through safety runs, to make sure none of the kids get hurt,” he said. “We’re having a lot of fun and making sure these kids are having a blast.”

Glick, who is a youth recreation specialist with the city, obtained more than $7,000 in free equipment for the recreation center over the past two months. That equipment is being used in new archery classes at the center.

“This is our first time doing this program and we are learning a lot about what kids like, and apparently what kids like is being outdoors,” he said. “The kids are having a blast and we hope to keep this program around for next summer to have an even bigger and better zombie survival camp.”

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