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Friday, May 31, 2013 , Updated 4:30 p.m., June 19, 2013

UPDATED: Richardson’s Alamo Drafthouse opens a week early, on August 9

If you've already partied in their lot, imagine the fun to come on the inside.

Rendering of Richardson's soon-to-open Alamo Drafthouse

Rendering of Richardson's soon-to-open Alamo Drafthouse

— The inside of Alamo Drafthouse hasn't opened yet, but that hasn't stopped the Richardson cinema house from hosting movie-and-fun events on the outside. Alamo hosted a parking lot screening of The Burbs last fall in celebration of its groundbreaking back in October, and over the summer, they'll open the lot again for a free, outdoor movie series of '80s and '90s cult favorites.

Imagine the fun when this sucker actually opens.

Fret not, that very opening is on its way with an official date: August 16. Viewers will finally have a chance to try out the Drafthouse's 60-foot screen -- the largest in the franchise's history -- and according to a press release, its "4k digital projection, digital 3-D, and the latest in sound." Two theaters also feature 35mm projectors so that classic films can be viewed as they were intended.

Food-wise, Alamo Drafthouse promises "freshly prepared food made from scratch" with the occasional themed special -- think Chianti, liver, and fava beans for Silence of the Lambs screenings.

And, since "Drafthouse is [its] middle name," there will be 32 draft brews, plus bottled beer, wine, and craft cocktails.

The soft opening is August 12-14 in advance of the official August 16 opening.

UPDATE: Alamo Drafthouse announced on June 19 that they will now open on August 9, 2013. They will have a soft opening on August 6-8, which includes 50 percent off food and $2 movies. The grand opening is August 9-15, with 25 percent off food.

They have also added a surprise, an indoor/outdoor event on July 25 in addition to their already-scheduled free summer parking lot series.

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