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Recent Reviews

  • PepperSmash

    Fantastic place for hangout with friends !!!! Love there flat breads Short ribs and cocktails....

    reviewed by Sam1976 (anonymous)

  • No Frills Grill & Sports Bar

    Keep your kids at home bitch or go to chucky cheese. Been going there for 15 years and it's a great place, the little bas@@@d should stay in the restaurant with their parents.

    reviewed by jwiswldcat (anonymous)

  • Old Town Flying Pig

    The place has new owners as of Nov. 20 / 2012. They have really tried to make a difference. Fresh paint, new decor, new menu and good food. The bar staff, managed by Nancy, is awesome. This place is by no means a slutty bar but the girls working their are great. This place has become a very comfortable place ...

    reviewed by dwaynetidwell (anonymous)

  • Collin County Animal Shelter

    I rescued two cats who.have turned out to be super sick.with URIs. I called the next day to let them know my cats were sick, and I.spent over $160 at the vet (not even having them 24 hours) and no.offer to.help. I know a lot of shelters have a one-two week.policy on helping with vet bills if you get them ...

    reviewed by kerrispader (anonymous)