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TexasGigs Radio

Choose one of the stations below to launch the radio player in a new window. The player requires Flash; see our technical notes below.

Click on a station name to listen.


Top 10 downloads

Listen to the Top 10 songs downloaded from TexasGigs.com this week. The station is updated every minute with our latest stats, and tallies are reset every Sunday at midnight. (For you brainiacs out there, in this case, the rich don't necessarily get richer. By listening to this station you are not adding to the bands' download tallies.)

All genres

Listen to a random selection of Dallas/Fort Worth-area music.

Genre-based stations

No songs in the genre you want? Ask your favorite band to submit some!

User playlists

Band stations

We've assembled custom radio stations for many of the bands in our local-music database; they're available on individual band pages. We have too many to list here, so check out our band browse page to narrow down the selection.

Technical info

The TexasGigs.com radio player requires Flash 6 and a broadband connection. Users with slower connections may access our radio player, but performance might be poor.

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