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    carpecreativity's comment on:

    Thursday Morning Cupcheck - An Open Letter to the Pittsburgh Penguins

    I'm surprised you linked to this story in your 2013 report card, given that it has been so spectacularly incorrect. Morrow, Murray and Iggy have been quite successful and important and functional given that Pittsburgh is apparently the North American epicenter of head trauma to top-6 players, with some shoulder tweaks and sunburns thrown in.

    It's pretty clear from his play in Pittsburgh that Brenden Morrow wasn't unable to "make basic hockey plays," he was just unable to deal with this team for one more goddamn minute. Who could blame him -- this mess should have been taken off his shoulders after he came back to life at the Olympics, or when BFF Turco left, or Ribs, or Ott... can't scrap his team and then say "it's still your team... just with new people!" and expect it to work. Glad he's out of this, playing well on a great team, and the Stars have a new generation taking shape.